What Does it Mean to Advocate?

It’s a power that we all have. It’s standing up for others and what you believe in your heart. It can be championing a cause. Or simply not being silent. United Way of Pioneer Valley invites you to be part of the change by speaking up to influence the condition of all.

Who is an Advocate? You Are.

  • If you tell your friend, neighbor, loved one or family member that you give to United Way, you’re an advocate.
  • If you work with a Partner Program and speak on behalf of United Way, you’re an advocate.
  • If you volunteer with United Way as a member of a committee, impact team or board of directors you’re an advocate.
  • If you serve United Way as a workplace campaign coordinator or member of the campaign cabinet, you’re an advocate.

Lend Your Voice.

We need your voice, your passion and above all, your willingness to improve the lives of those around us by sharing your United Way experience with others. Whether you’re speaking out to improve education, address issues that affect children and youth, fund emergency needs programs, reaching out to members of Congress or volunteering your time, you can help inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow.

Stay Social