Loaned Executives

Each year, community-minded employers lend key personnel to United Way of Pioneer Valley to serve as full-time fundraisers during the annual campaign. These Loaned Executives give United Way the essential “person-power” to take our message to workplaces throughout the region; their generous gift of time and energy helps keep the administrative costs associated with the Campaign down.

What do Loaned Executives do?

Loaned Executives lend their talents and skills to developing successful workplace campaigns at companies and organizations throughout the Pioneer Valley. They help:

  • Organize, develop, and manage workplace campaigns
  • Communicate to employee groups about how United Way can help them multiply their impact in their local community
  • Set financial and non-financial goals and monitor progress
  • Assist/motivate Employee Campaign Managers (ECM) in planning and completing their campaigns
  • Organize/execute member nonprofit tours, speakers, rallies

How do participants in the program benefit?

The Loaned Executive program offers your staff an outstanding leadership opportunity by providing training in selling, public speaking, time management, and problem solving. Both you and your employee will benefit from:

  • Enhanced management and communication abilities
  • Improved organizational, managerial, presentation, and analytical skills
  • Greater knowledge of community needs and the network of health and human service programs addressing these needs
  • An increased network of business contacts
  • Meet your corporate social responsibility (CSR) needs

Who should participate as a Loaned Executive?

Employees from all areas of your business can benefit from and contribute to the program. Consider:

  • Your most recent hire
  • Someone you want to “immerse” in the community
  • A middle manager who could benefit from experience not available in his or her current assignment
  • Employees on the production side of your business
  • A recent retiree

How can my company participate?

  • Provide a full-time Loaned Executive
  • If a full-time person is not available, consider a part-time Loaned Executive.
  • If you are not able to send a person at this time, offer sponsorship dollars to fund a Loaned Executive.

To get started as a Loaned Executive, contact Yvonne Williams, Director of Resource Development.

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