Fuel Assistance for Veterans & Seniors

Please support Fuel Assistance through United Way Impact funding. Help us make a difference:

Have you ever had a conversation with a mother of two children who works full-time and is barely able to cover her monthly bills? The cost of heating has taken a toll on her ability to keep her family warm in this cold season; she heats her home with an oil furnace. “My kids are in school all day so I reduce the heat to 55 until we are all home in the evening. I hope the pipes don’t freeze. I turn the heat on so we have heat for homework sessions, dinner, and showers, and then I turn the heat down when they go to bed.”

Her children use electric space heaters to warm their bedrooms, but in spite of everything she does, there are times when her family is just cold.

What about the Army veteran, who served his country for two tours of duty, only to find himself back home without enough money to heat his house?

Each month, he asks an inconceivable question, ‘Should I pay for my medicine, my meals, or my heat?’

Finally, there’s the family with a dual income that can barely pay their bills. They may have established an annual payment agreement with a local utility company to cover heating and/or electric services for the year, but how can they anticipate how cold this harsh Winter will be? They can’t and they are cold.

These families are our neighbors; they are part of our community. They live in urban and suburban communities including Wilbraham and Hampden and in the hill towns of Monson, South Hadley, and Westfield, and in cities and towns throughout the Pioneer Valley.

Fuel Assistance is a United Way response to their needs, providing funding for fuel and heating assistance so that these families, and many others like them, can stay warm this Winter. You can support Fuel Assistance all year long.


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