Lend Your Voice

Lend your voice. Share United Way of Pioneer Valley programs and successes with the community. It can be as simple as posting a tweet in support of a policy or emailing your legislator about an issue that matters to you.

Advocacy isn’t always about influencing public officials; it’s also about advocating for the common good of our community within our community. If you feel strongly about something, stand up for it. If you disagree with someone, respect their opinion but defend yours with conversation. The end result will be a more knowledgeable community and stronger community investment.


LIKE us on Facebook! Include us in ads. Show support in email signatures, signage, receipt tape, table tents, etc. Get involved with United Way of Pioneer Valley.

Here are a few ways you can help us spread the word about the work we are doing to advance the common good…

• Share a fact sheet
• Put issue on Board or Committee agenda
• Sign up for additional information on the issue
• Host a United Way coffee to talk about our community impact
• Forward our eNewsletter (sign up here if you don’t get it yet)
• Share in conversation; talk to your colleagues
• Share on your blog
• Comment online in related articles or posts
• Post/repost on Facebook (LIKE us here if you haven’t yet)
• Tweet or re-Tweet (follow us here if you don’t yet)

Throughout our history, United Way has done extraordinary work to improve people’s lives and build strong communities.

With our focus on community impact, United Way of Pioneer Valley has a key role to play in advocating for good public policy. Without community input, our priorities in Education, Income and Health will lose critical government policy and funding support.

Join us and advocate for an Education, Income, Health or nonprofit strengthening issues that you are passionate about. Your voice can have an impact on public policy decisions.

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