Live United Forever

blocks_517181sBuilding upon our 90+ year track record, United Way of Pioneer Valley is launching a bold plan for a new era – raising millions for the endowment through the Live United Forever Campaign, to provide funding that will ensure a more predictable, sustainable, and stable future for our mission in the Pioneer Valley.

Why now?

The future of the Pioneer Valley depends on how we as a community of citizens take action. For more than 90 years, United Way of Pioneer Valley has done just that. Even during the recent economic downturn and a devastating tornado,  UWPV mobilized the caring power of communities to change lives, set significant and measurable goals, and held ourselves accountable.

More than a fundraiser, United Way is engaging many partners to improve lives by addressing short-term needs and building long-term solutions through focused community investments.

United Way of Pioneer Valley has held a reputation as our community’s fundraiser for generations; today’s United Way is a focused, results-driven system working year-round to change community conditions and create lasting solutions– generation after generation.

Planned Giving & Endowments Committee 


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