Click here to search volunteer opportunities on the UWPV VOLUNTEER CONNECTOR



Click here to search volunteer opportunities on the UWPV VOLUNTEER CONNECTOR

Volunteering is vital to a just society, fostering civic responsibility, participation and interaction. It strengthens communities by increasing their capacity to identify and respond to human needs. Volunteering creates ownership of the community, its assets and needs among the people who live and work there. Volunteering creates relationships at the institutional and personal level that are a vital part of the fabric of the community.

United Way of Pioneer Valley promotes volunteerism in a variety of ways. Contact us to find out how you can join the effort. For more information about the United Way of Pioneer Valley’s VOLUNTEER CONNECTOR, please call LaTonia Monroe Naylor at 413-693-0215 or e-mail lnaylor@uwpv.org.

Videos about United Way’s Community Impact can be viewed here.

Information on United Way as the Pioneer Valley Volunteer Connector here.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Organizations interested in listing your volunteer opportunities with the Volunteer Center, please visit our Get Connected Portal by clicking here.

Individuals or groups seeking volunteer opportunities click here.

Other UWPV volunteer opportunities:

Technical Assistance for Volunteer Programming:

  • Volunteer Engagement Network
  • Hampden County Mentoring Network

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For more information about volunteer opportunities or technical assistance in your area, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at United Way of Pioneer Valley:

Chris Woods – Volunteer Coordinator
413-693-0236 or cwoods@uwpv.org

Mass Service Alliance Annual Report 2014 (United Way of Pioneer Valley featured on page 12)


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